Q&A with Jawbone Brewing

Q&A with Jawbone Brewing

We've had an amazing response to the beer of Twickenham based Jawbone Brewing since opening our shop, routinely selling out and having frequent deliveries of ice-cold fresh batches from founder Ben Hughes. We had a chat with Ben to answer a few of the common questions happy drinkers have had, and ask a few of our own.  

Tell us about your brewery, what’s the big idea?
I live in and love this area, but I've always felt like this corner of London was left behind as the modern craft beer scene swept across the rest of the capital. I wanted to change that. Our aim is to pave the way and stretch people's perceptions of what great beer can be.

What got you in to brewing?
I was working at a dead-end job in the city, but one particularly dull day was turned around when a colleague brought some home-brew into work. Although I'd been into beer for many years and loved visiting interesting pubs up and down the country, this was the moment I first thought about making my own. Brewing your first batch of beer is a magical thing and when I ended up getting made redundant from my "grown up job", armed with a few home brews under my belt, I decided to turn it into a career. I cut my teeth as a brewery assistant and once I'd worked my way up the ranks, I left to set up Jawbone Brewing.

What’s your line up?
We'll be making all types of beer eventually, but we've started out focusing on pale ales and IPAs. Bone Idle is our inaugural pale ale, and we recently brewed a pale called Bardot with ex-England rugby captain Lawrence Dallaglio. On the IPA side, we've got Longshore Gang and Lucky Day. There's also been a raw ale, Boatyard Blues (something you don't see everyday) and we currently have a pilsner in the tank called Highs and Lows. That should be released at the beginning of October, and I'm working on a recipe for a stout as we speak.

Whats the plan for the coming years?
In the short time we've been around, we've been blown away by the support from our surrounding area. In the next year or two we'll be looking to take Jawbone Brewing further afield, expanding our reach nationally, and internationally in time. We're excited to get our taproom up and running and to create a destination for craft beer aficionados and newbies alike. And we want to continue to celebrate our riverside location – we've already done a couple of keg drops by boat so far and I'm going to try it by kayak next.

You can check out Jawbone Brewing's website here, and rest assured that we will always have a wide selection in stock!