Rosso Bio Frizzante, Casa Belfi

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Rosso Bio Frizzante, NV, Casa Belfi

Fizzy fruit punch perfect for sitting in the park

Region: Veneto, Italy
Grape(s): Raboso
Genre: Organic & biodynamic certified
Low Sulphur: Yes
Tasting Notes: Raspberry and cranberry with lip-smacking acidity

Casa Belfi was set up by winemaker Maurizio Donadi and his wife Fabiola in 1999 after meeting Albino Armani, a well-established low intervention winemaker based in north-eastern Italy. Their 10-hectare estate is in San Polo di Piave, just north of Venice in the Prosecco heartland. They are making anything but the usual prosecco that gets slung willy-nilly around bottomless brunches! Organic and biodynamic certified, they are making sparkling wines using the Col Fondo method – literally meaning “with the bottom” – where the wine is refermented in the bottle and the sediment (lees) is left in. This is what prosecco was like before the modernisation and industrialisation that came with the invention of the Charmat Method in 1895 - proper old school.

This wine is made with the Raboso grape, whose name means ‘angry’ or ‘fiery’ in the Venetian dialect. This is because the typical red wine from this grape is harsh, tannic and astringent. This is anything but! Carbonic maceration (where whole bunches of grapes start to ferment in a carbon dioxide rich atmosphere) bring out the fruitiness of the grapes and massively reduces tannins. The wine is aged 6 months in tank with the lees – if the temperature of the tank needs to be cooled a little to slow the fermentation, it is done by ‘basting’ the tank with cool water from their well. Bottled without any filtration or added SO2, it is a funky and summery bubbles packed with berry notes.