About Us

About us

Naturally Aspirated is a bottle shop and online shop selling great wine that happens to be natural. Extraditing the buzzwords and ‘you can’t sit with us’ mentality often found in the world of natural wine, the shop operates from a 1930s former soap factory in West London amongst myriad classic cars, London’s best pizza and other delights.

The shop came to be due to an old car, unsurprisingly given founders James and Merlin’s shared professions. The unlikely glue of a 1970s Lancia shone a light on a mutual child-like interest in wine, with James picking up a bottle of curious orange wine in deepest East London as a thank you to Merlin for fixing the delicate old Italian. This became something of a tradition between the two, with each breakdown swiftly followed by the delivery of something new and exciting - being a Lancia the bottles gifted were numerous.

This mutual desire to explore the perplexing, and often intimidating, world of natural wine continued with recommendations exchanged and a persistent showing as 'the guys drinking the weird wine in the corner’. As the exploration of wine continued, friend’s became less timid and began to ask what was being drunk, fuelling the desire to go deeper into the world of the grape.

Things escalated further when Merlin’s childhood friend Jamie came on board as Sommelier at Large. Based in Copenhagen, his expertise shapes the wine list. Alongside beer, whisky, gin, cigars and more, our wine list is focussed on what's good, not what's in fashion. From everyday drinkers to mind-bending hybrids, our list aims to appease both the newcomer and the well worn professional.

Order online or pop into the shop, and look out for our classic Alfa Romeo and Vespa around London laden with wine - and most likely broken down.