Après le Pluie, Simon Rouillard

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Après le Pluie, 2020, Simon Rouillard

Juicy light red with fragrance and a hit of funk 

Region: Loire, France

Grape(s): Grolleau

Genre: Organic

Low Sulphur: Yes

Tasting Notes: Fresh, green, slight funk 

Simon Rouillard studied music and was never destined for a life in the vineyards of Anjou. When he finished studying, and while trying to pursue a music career, he worked with organic market gardeners and this opened his eyes and fascination for organic farming; this was his bridge into the vines. From 2013, he spent a couple of years working at wineries in Loire: La Grange Aux Belle & Nicolas Grosbois, before several more years in the Jura. In Jura he spent 2 years with Domaine de la Tournelle, and then shorter periods with other quintessential natural wine producers such as: Philippe Bornard & Les Bottes Rouges. When he decided to set up his own place, it was to be back in Anjou and so he spent time working with Les Vignes de Babass while he was setting up. 2018 was his first vintage, and he is working with 2ha of old vines that he is restoring, plus some new plantings of Chenin Blanc & Grolleau. His own vines (and those of grapes that he buys for some negociant wines) are organically farmed, and he is not adding sulphur – his wines are raw, juicy and vibrant.

This wine, made from 100% Grolleau, is from Simon’s negociant line. He is buying the grapes from another firm NAW favourite: Tony Bainbridge. With only a very short maceration, this crosses the line between dark rosé and light red, and we enjoy it in all situations. Fresh red fruit with a hint of green and slight edge of funk, the name translates to “after the rain”: this wine is exactly for that moment. The rain passes, the clouds open and a sliver of sunlight appears: grab that chilled red from Rouillard and you’re good to go!