Despina, Quarticello

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Despina, 2020, Quarticello

Aromatic bubbles with citrus and minerality

Region: Emilia-Romagna
Grape(s): Malvasia di Candia
Genre: Organic
Low Sulphur: Yes
Tasting Notes: Grapefruit, peach, orange peel, minerality, salinity

Roberto Maestri makes sparkling wine from grapes grown in his family’s vineyards in Montecchio Emilia. Roberto has 5 hectares that he farms organically, planted on clay and gravel soils with natural methods in the vinification process. Solely sparkling wines, all are made in the classic Col Fondo method where a secondary fermentation occurs in the bottle due to bottling happening with a small amount of grape must with indigenous yeasts. He makes easy drinking and crowd-pleasing bubbles in different styles that make you reach for a second bottle oh-so-quickly.

An aromatic local variety, Malvasia di Candia, is fermented in vats before bottling with a small amount of grape must to stimulate a second fermentation in the bottle, which is then not disgorged. The result is a fresh, cloudy and a little funky bubbles, with delicate bubbles, aromatic stone fruit and citrus notes and a fresh acidity.