Oude Kriek, 3 Fonteinen

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Oude Kriek, NV, 3 Fonteinen

A lambic beer made with cherries than will rival any rosé pet-nat

Region: Beersel, Belgium

Grape(s): Beer!

Genre: Organic mentality

Low Sulphur: Zero

Tasting Notes: Sour cherry bomb

Brouwerij 3 Fonteinen makes lambic beer – a special kind of spontaneously fermented beer from the Zenne valley in Belgium. Having started in the 19th Century as a lambic blender (essentially a negociant for lambic – where they would buy the beer and age/blend themselves), they became a brewery in 1998. With a rich history and tradition, the region was once home to 300 lambic blenderies, but now there are only around a dozen. It is a specific a technical process than can take several years from the beginning of the process until bottling. Precise ratios of wheat (40%) and barley (60%) must be used, with specific types of these grains desired to produce the unique flavour and acidity that is typical of lambics. The fermentation happens spontaneously in open vats with indigenous yeasts, and no additives are used at any time during the production.

Lambic beer macerated for seven months with hand-picked Belgian cherries. All parts are used except the stems so the oils from the kernels are extracted into the beer giving an extra dimension. A fresh and sour cherry bomb, with hop-driven complexity and absolute drinkability.