Tule Bianco Catarrato, Cantine Rallo

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Tule Bianco, 2019, Cantina Rallo

A refreshing and easy step into the world of natural wine

Region: Sicily, Italy
Grape(s): Catarrato
Genre: Organic and some biodynamic work
Low Sulphur: Relatively
Tasting Notes: Citrus fruits, a little green apple and plenty of saltiness from the sea breeze

Cantina Rallo is based in the ‘Port of God’ (or Mars el-Allah, as the Moors called it in the Middle Ages; now Marsala) on the western tip of Sicily. Known for its fortified wine, Marsala is now home to many winemakers making dry white wines with some salty characteristics from its proximity to the sea breeze. Diego Rallo founded this winery in 1860, and it was almost exclusively making the famed sweet wines until they became less fashionable in the early 1990s – at which point, business became difficult and the winery was bought by the Vesco family in 1997. They started to focus on dry white wines, as well as the powerful reds that have become ubiquitous with Sicily. A large estate with organic certification (although not all their wines bear the stamp) they are making wines with fairly little manipulation that are a great gateway into the world of ‘lo-fi’ wines.

Tule Bianco is 100% Catarrato, a typical grape Marsala grape, that is unfiltered. Lots of citrus, a little spice and some green apples, it is made more opulent and textural due to some time aging in stainless with the fine lees.