Vinho Verde Branco, Quinta da Sanjoanne

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Vinho Verde Branco, 2019, Quinta da Sanjoanne

Grown by the sea and ideal for drinking by it

Region: Vinho Verde, Portugal
Grape(s): Avesso & Loureiro
Genre: Organic (in mindset, not stamp)
Low Sulphur: Relatively
Tasting Notes: Citrus, green apple, saline, lemon peel

Quinta da Sanjoanne is a house in Vinho Verde under the ownership of Casa de Cello. It is essentially a team of young winemakers in different parts of northern Portugal making region specific wines and styles. Vinho Verde (literally ‘green wine’) is a region around and north of Porto, by the Atlantic ocean, and the wines show this in their style. They are often harvested early to get classic ‘green’ notes - citrus, green apple – and usually expressing some salinity in the wines, from the cooling, salt-laden ocean breezes that flow across the vineyards.

This wine is a 60/40 blend of Avesso & Loureiro, two local grape varieties often used in the area and is coming from the sub-region Lima. It is early harvested and then fermented and briefly aged in stainless steel tanks. It has some aromatic elements, subtly behind the punchy acidity and ‘green’ freshness. It is a wine ideal for seafood, salads or simply enjoyed on a warm evening.